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How a designer can benefit your company

Not everyone realizes the benefits of having a designer work with their organization. Here, I’ve outlined the design services that I offer, namely product UX design, brand identity design, and product strategy. I’ll try demystifying these words in non buzzword-y language, and explain how this kind of work would benefit your company.

Product and UX Design

Product is anything created for consumer use. Digitally, this often means sites, blogs, stores, apps, or other software creations. UX designers are tasked with researching and producing excellent user experiences for customers. Happy customers pay more for services, and according to McKinsey,companies that perform the best in design perform the best in revenue also. Product and UX design is an iterative process, meaning there’s always something new that could make your product better. 

Brand Identity Design

When we imagine popular companies, we automatically think of the brand’s identity, not the product. When you think of Morton Salt, do you think of salt or do you think of the umbrella girl, their logo, their packaging, their advertising? The depth at which consumers experience your brand is directly related to how memorable it is, which is directly related to how likely they are to choose you over the competition. Brand identity is about finding and developing who you are as a company and brand so you can stand out as the obvious choice in the space your business occupies

Product Strategy

Building a profitable business is a lot of work and creating an effective product roadmap for growth is another layer of complexity that requires thoughtful planning and execution. The design process gives us tools and activities that can be used to analyze how your product and surrounding brand operate. These tools also help us prioritize the activities and actions that you can be taking to reach desired outcomes. Strategy is about creating a manageable and efficient roadmap and setting up the tools to make sure you execute on the plan.

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