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A photo of me

I'm Luke.

I’m an engineer turned designer with a track record of shipping excellent design. I create intuitive user journeys rooted in empathy and designed with the mindsets of systems and data thinking. I believe that kindness is not just a virtue but an experience that everyone deserves.

While I loved working on challenging design problems in the engineering research and design consulting worlds, I felt that my work was deeply lacking in human consideration. I fell in love with UX design because I live to create positive human outcomes and emotional impact. These same motivations make my design career incredibly fulfilling.

I strive to grow in my ability to deliver excellent user experience, but I also love thinking about brand strategy and the context of design within business objectives. On the weekends, you can find me drilling my visual design on Dribbble, with the goal of becoming fluent in the language of visual communication.

Overall, I’m a super curious, easy going guy, who really just loves to learn and believes that there’s something worth learning in everyone. I’d love to connect and learn more about you.

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