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Redesigning An Aircraft Parts Sales Platform To Increase Catalog Maintainability And Automate Quoting
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We sought to remedy several problems that existed with the status quo. Sales teams could not set part pricing the way they wanted to in the current tool. These teams were dependent on the technology team to upload new part catalogs. And finally, many potential sales were being left on the table because they could not automatically quote sales prices for many requests they received.

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Achieving End-To-End Digitalization For North America’s Largest Independent Aircraft Maintenance Provider
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This app will eliminate $1M of physical paperwork annually and yield a 20% efficiency gain by person-hours by cutting travel time and paperwork errors.

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Creating An Enterprise Aerospace App For Multiple Personas And Form Factors
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I created a multi-business application for PC, tablet, and mobile form factors. I designed most core app features and UI components.

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Improving A Product’s Form UX & Visual Design
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I worked on the product UX and visual design for a client within the transportation space. The product automates the permit application process for XL shipments.

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